Today in Maritime History — 27 July

Eh…. What’s Up, Doc?

In 1778, British and French fleets fight another pointless battle (it led to one of their many standoffs) in the first Battle of Ushant.

In 1944, U.S. troops complete the liberation of Guam. The defeated Japanese did not get word out to Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi who then became the heavyweight undisputed champion of hide-and-seek. He lived in a cave alone for 28 years, until he was discovered by hunters in 1972.

Arguably, however, an event of greater cultural significance occurred four years prior, in 1940. Everyone’s favourite rabbit, Bugs Bunny, made his first appearance in A Wild Hare, opposite his archenemy, Elmer Fudd.

Less war, more carrots.

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PS. I am not a historian, nor do I play one on the internet. This is meant to be a bit of light relief and an encouragement for you to donate to The Mission to Seafarers. If you find yourself salivating over the prospect of dates, annotations, references, footnotes, and further reading, you may want to run away now.

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