Days 275–302/489 (31,870m*) — 776,006m* done/871,790m to go

Dimitris Seirinakis
2 min readMay 3, 2022


Fam Over Covid

“If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.” Corollary to Murphy’s Law

Missus Flexing

Everything was, indeed, going well. We had just come out the other end of a relatively bleak HK winter. The waters had warmed sufficiently for the rest of the family to join my escapades. I even managed to get them to donate over 3km of swimming apiece. Life was good and Easter break was coming.

Covid came with it and we fell, one by one, like dominoes. SERMON ALERT. This is where I cannot emphasise enough the importance of vaccinations. We are a healthy family. We eat well and exercise well. We are all vaccinated as much as local regulations permit / require. We were privileged to have access to medicine and the ability to rest. We were lucky to succumb to the Omicron variant. Yet, without fail, we each spent a 3-day stretch immobile in bed and a good week after to (partially) recover. We still have lingering effects weeks later. It was not a walk in the park and it was most certainly not “just like the flu”.

Do the right thing. Trust modern medicine, and get yourself and your family jabbed. And while you are at it, like the post, subscribe to the page, tell everyone about it, and donate to The Mission to Seafarers:-

“Cash for Kudos” Hall of Fame:-

  1. Cath “The Cuttlefish” Smith — 11,190 m
  2. Molly “Manatee” Seirinakis — 9,850 m
  3. Tommy “Tilapia” Peel — 1,320 m
  4. Menelaos “Manta Ray” Kokkinos — 58,899 m
  5. Sam “Baby Shark” Seirinakis — *5,696 m
  6. Lucy “Lemon Shark” Seirinakis — *3,102 m
  7. Holly “Hussar” Seirinakis — *3,102 m

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